Tiny Gardens of Babylon?

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We often dodge the idea of gardening, thinking that we do not have enough space in our apartments, but to that we say “it has never been easier than it is now”. New ideas are being shared every day, thanks to the internet. Dhaka has very little greenery to offer for our penurious eyes, even though it is one of the key ingredients to relieving stress, preventing and curing many diseases, and of course, looking aesthetically pleasing to the nature-lovers who should be able to upload Instagram pictures with the hashtag #naturelove, without having to drive too long to find some fresh ecology.


As post-apocalyptic as it sounds, the situation needs prompt attention if we want to live a healthier life. So, how do we fit all the beautiful greens of nature into the small spaces of our apartments? The more creative your arrangement of greenery, the trendier it will look. In fact, it gets trendier the lesser it costs.




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