Spooky Ghost Stories of Bangladesh

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Nusrat Noshin

Foy’s Lake:

This artificial lake was made under the supervision of Mr. Foy, a British East India Company officer, around a century ago. This lake was built as a dam and a source of water for the nearby railway colony. Since then it has been an area of natural beauty for locals and a favorite tourist spot. Rightly so, the Foy’s Lake is thoroughly maintained as a tourism destination. However, with immense fame comes a sprinkle of notoriety as far as Foy’s Lake is concerned. Paranormal stories surrounding this area are as old as the place itself. One of the more widely-known tales is a century old one, and is about two women. Travelers allegedly encounter a black figurine of a woman who attacks them on their way across the lake bridge. However, there is a white spirit of another woman who supposedly warns the passer by about the peril of the black shadow on the bridge. The story is even more intriguing due to the fact that there is a supposed rivalry between the two spirits.

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