Light It Up!

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Saima Khan

As the sales of flats in Dhaka increases, individuals become ever more eager to decorate their homes in accordance to the latest fashion trends, experimenting with as many unique styles as possible. From wallpapers to divans to cushions, each component is selected so meticulously that the entirety of the drawing room or the living room is almost always close to perfect, of course, with the help of immaculate lighting that best suits the ambience of the house. Long gone are the days of using chandeliers for living rooms, where it would be the only source of glamour. Chandeliers have started to take different forms nowadays, ranging from the simple ones that one can even hang in a balcony, to the more gorgeous ones that boost the splendour of a hallway by several degrees. There are several ways to make the house look absolutely fabulous with lights and chandeliers. Here are some that one can trust without a doubt.

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