Gift Guide: What to Get the Newly-Weds

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Sarara Hasan

The stiff humid air we all know and love is gradually tempting in the breeze, letting us know that winter is coming; and we all know what winter means: wedding season. A time when a myriad of intricately decorated invitation cards fill up the tables in our homes from relatives, friends, colleagues, and sometimes even from people we have never even met. Before getting glammed up and loosening that belt prior to delving into some kacchi, getting the perfect gift is a thought-provoking process in itself. Finding the right gift for the particular bride or groom-to-be is a challenge. Whether you’re on the groom’s side or the bride’s side, a big part of getting a wedding gift for either party is buying something that is worth the price. Here are some budget-friendly ideas for wedding gifts.

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