Cross-Country Comparisons: Bangladesh and Nepal

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Marzan Jamia

On the Basics

The Federal Democratic Republic of Nepal homes 26.4 million dwellers. It has a diverse geography comprising of plains for agriculture and subalpine forested hills. The region is also known for having 8 out of 10 of the tallest mountains in the world, along with the Mount Everest. This multiethnic nation is famous also for welcoming tourists from all over the world into its capital Kathmandu and other picture-like beautiful cities. The tourist industry of the country did not cease to thrive even after the unfortunate Gorkha earthquake in 2015.

Similarly, The People’s Republic of Bangladesh has also been blessed with abundant natural beauty of greenery and water. It’s rich in historical heritage and culture attracting tourists. The economy of the country is progressive in spite of being a developing nation and with better government policies, its busy cities are becoming lucrative spots for industry BPO and structural investments. A house for sale in Dhaka has become more desirable given that the real estate industry is doing a good job at allocation to its 163 million people.

Digging deeper, Nepal and Bangladesh may be compared on the following grounds in order to understand how the real estate sector of the respective nations operates.

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