Bandarban: Trip Of A Lifetime

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The first trip into Bandarban, back in 2007 without social media and with very little knowledge, was different. The initial amazements were from the grasping Meghla, Nilachol/Tiger Hill, Shorno Mondir, Shoilo Propat and Chimbuk; all of which are located around the city. Just enough to return home with satisfactory stories!

The second visit to Bandarban was more like a flagging victory on the Everest, demanding many more visits and many more expeditions into its overwhelming beauty. It never fails to unveil more magic.

Planning the trip around Meghla, Nilachol/Tiger Hill and nearby places, one may find it convenient to start right after freshening up and breakfast on the first day of visit. The second day may be initiated renting a jeep costing BDT 2000 to BDT 3000 to visit Shoilpropar and Nilgiri. However, to know the real beauty of Bandarban, trekking through the jungle trail is a must. To do so, the following plan may be considered:

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