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The problem?

Over 47% (almost half) of the Bangladeshi population accounts for the youth, and their net secondary education unemployment rate is still poor at over 40%. Commonly, Students/Young professionals at university levels have two acceptable options of income or employment, namely coaching other students or working as interns at local companies. Although they have raw skills of value, particularly in writing, lack of experience and representation do not allow them to earn as much as they are truly capable of. 

As a student in Bangladesh, there are generally three primary methods to earn money:
1. Teaching students on a private capacity 
2. A few manage to gain employment, or secure internships at local companies 

We have introduced a third: Writing for companies under the banner of an ensured, quality-ensuring entity from home, and earning. We create an impact through the third option, providing more per unit payment for each article submitted than even the leading publications in Bangladesh. This we know because we worked for them ourselves. 

SteamPug Content provides employment to these student/young professionals to earn money through specialized writing, as a collective community. With over 70 content developers creating specialized content for numerous platforms, they are now earning for every word they write from home.

Founder Story

“Great stories craft great companies. It all starts with what you say and write about yourself.”

Since the age of 18, poor financial and family circumstances left no option but for me to earn my own living. During the time, the opportunities provided to a child my age were harsh in Bangladesh, and still is; with very low pay and long hours which made it close to impossible to focus on my education.

There are tens of thousands of youth who are suffering today with the same ordeal, looking desperately to earn their tuition/rent/living to take the pressure off their families, with fantastic writing capabilities. We simply connect them with businesses which require written content in the form of articles, blogs, news, brochures, reports, etc. on a regular basis. And hence, SteamPug Content was born. 

Rad Sharar Bin Kamal

Founder and CEO

SteamPug Content

makes us different

Content is king, and very few companies provide powerful, effective and tailored content alone as a sole service in Bangladesh. Considering the paradigm shift in the use and purpose of content as tool for sharing information, focusing on “change-making” content creation alone will help the country move forward with its innovation with the world as the audience.

Words are powerfulGain content which benefits your business and your brand

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